Hello World

The birth of my blog

The name of my blog is Hello World, and so is the first post—this post. You’re confused, and so am I.

I recently decided to spend some time and rewrite my personal site using Gatsby, ThemeUI, and MDX for writing this blog. I plan to write quick tutorial on why I choose this setup and how it’s configured.

So, Hello World is where I’ll share thoughts and ideas about product design, frontend development, and sometimes personal and professional development. I’ll mix it up and maybe you’ll be entertained.

As a kick off though, I thought as we’re reaching the end of the year I’d share some of the highlights of 2019 and think about what I missed out on and would focus on in 2020.


It’s funny how hard it can be to remember what I did this year. After a little bit of time, I wrote down this short list of some important events and achievements, in no particular order:

  • Beginning of this year, I had just started working full-time at Credit Karma
  • I met my partner and now we're living together ❤️
  • I ran over 500 miles
  • Moved out to a new place on my own
  • Visited NYC for the first time 🗽
  • Read and listened to 25+ books
  • Gained 10 pounds to reach a better BMI
  • Lead the product design and frontend developmented on 3 products at Credit Karma that launched this year
  • …And a bunch of other stuff

I’m not the kind of person that naturally feel accomplished, so having done this exercise and sharing some of it has put me in a better mood already!

Besides listing the highlights and good things, I spent some time thinking on what things could have gone better and what areas, personally or professionally, did I neglect. Much to my surprise, this was easier to write down than my accomplishments—Now you know everything about me. Here’re some items:

Things I missed out on

  • Not marketing myself well: At work, I was too focused on designing and writing code and ignored the human aspect of things; sharing my work, offering to mentor newer people at the company, give more useful workshops and talks, and sell my skillset a lot more. At a company of our size, 1000+ folks, unless you have a stellar manager that deserves an award, it’s hard to get noticed and grow and stretch yourself optimally.
  • Meditation is still a struggle to practice on a daily or weekly basis
  • Although I had two contracts on the side to build a couple of web apps, I missed out on working on a personal project to learn in areas beyond my comfort zone.

I think part of the motivation of writing here is to fullil the first point. I want to document and share things I’m working on and help other people who're on a similar journey as I am.

I’m still working on the list of things that'll be my focus in 2020, and I plan to share it then.

So here we go. I think 2019 was an amazing year for me, and I hope it was for you, too.

A promising year ahead

Ask yourself a simple question, did you do better this year than last year? If the answer is yes, keep doing what you're doing. If the answer is no, sit down with yourself and write down your thoughts. Maybe spend quality time with a friend you trust and open-up to them honestly. You’d be surprised how freeing it’ll feel after getting your thoughts out of your head.

Until next one.

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